Class Grades 1 - 6


Religious Education classes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades start on Sunday, September 25 in the Father Anadore Hall.

1st Grade:  9:30a (Sunday Class)

2nd Grade:  10:30a

3rd Grade:  10:30a

Religious Education classes for 1st Grade start on Monday, September 26 in the Father Anadore Hall.

1st Grade:  4:30p (Monday Class)

Religious Education classes for 4th and 5th grades start on Wednesday, September 28 in the Father Anadore Hall.

4th Grade:  5:00p

5th Grade:  6:00p

The Woburn Catholic Collaborative's Religious Education program is designed as building blocks to assist your child’s faith journey each year and to fulfill their Sacraments of:

  • Penance

  • First Holy Communion

  • Confirmation. 

The Religious Education and Youth Ministry Staff and Volunteers are excited for this upcoming school year!  Thank you for being a part of it.










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