Masks are required for those 5 years and older starting Saturday, December 18 at both St. Anthony and St. Barbara churches.

Outdoor Mass Information

Outdoor MassSt. Anthony of Padua and St. Barbara


Registration is not required for outdoor Mass.  In the event of inclement weather and the Mass is moved indoors, hospitality volunteers will register you on your way into the Church.


There will be no reconfiguration of traffic flow or parking at St. Anthony.

There will be reconfiguration of traffic flow and parking at St. Barbara.  All cars will face one direction when parking.  Handicapped spaces are on the side of the Church nearest the rectory.  Handicapped spaces will be clearly marked.  Please follow the directions of the parking attendants (wearing orange vests).

Click here to view the seating configuration at St. Anthony.

Click here to view the parking and seating configuration at St. Barbara.

ARRIVAL at St. Barbara

Access to the parking lot at the stop light and the circular Church driveway entrance will be closed.  Traffic must use the entrance at the Four Corners side of the parking lot.  Please follow the directions of the parking attendants (wearing orange vests).


The offertory collection will take place in the same manner as if you were indoors.


Holy Communion will follow the same manner as if you were indoors.  Please form a socially distanced line along the outer sides of the seating area and return to your seat down the “center” aisle.  Please listen carefully for the priest’s instructions.


Because of the parking reconfiguration, please be patient and wait your turn to exit.  Please follow the directions of the parking attendants (wearing orange vests).


Outdoor Mass will be held at alternating churches this spring and summer.

Livestreamed Mass will be available at alternating times and churches.  (Example:  If Outdoor Mass is at 9:30a at St. Barbara, Livestreamed Mass will be at 11:00a at St. Anthony.)

The remaining outdoor mass schedule is a follows:

august 29: st. barbara - 9:30a

September 5:st. anthony - 11:00a

September 19:st. barbara - 9:30a






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